Sunday, November 4, 2007

Emailing me your photos/Digital Proofing

♥ If it's pricing options you're looking for, please go here. ♥

Please email the photo(s) that you would like used,

as well as any pre-formatted template you'd like, or some things you like/dislike.
I will design several, emailing you a proof each time I've changed something
(after speaking to you about what you like/dislike, would like to see changed, etc.)
until it's absolutely PERFECT!

Please allow 24-48 hours from receipt of payment* for emailed proof.

*If your proof just isn't what you'd like,
or you decide to cancel your order,

we will refund your money back, %100.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Contact Me!

To order cards, or if you have questions about SidderBug Creations™ and the products I offer, please email me:

(If after emailing me your question to you still haven't received a response, please email me @ my personal email address:

If you'd like, you may also catch me on Twitter: